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Good, bad or whatever ... the famous are spouting off about LGBT issues Joel Osteen to Oprah Winfrey: I'm not into excluding people. Jesus can reveal himself to anybody.... Absolutely [gay people are included]. Anybody is. You know, Oprah, we sometimes make a -- I say we, maybe the Christian community -- makes a bigger deal out of being gay, but ... [Read]

Prosperity televangelist Joel Osteen spoke with The Washington Post's Sally Quinn about his recent comments on the Piers Morgan show regarding homosexuality and gay weddings. Osteen and his wife, Victoria, have repeatedly been invited on CNN and other networks to discuss his beliefs. He has a long history of claiming homosexuality is "not God's best," "it is a choice," and "a sin" according ... [Read]

[ALSO: Read what Joel Osteen later told Oprah Winfrey and the Sally Quinn about "homosexual sin."] 'Yes, I've always believed, Pierce, that scripture shows that it's a sin. But I'm not one of those that are out there to bash homosexuals and tell them that they're terrible people.... ''I don't believe homosexuality is God's best for a person's life. I mean, sin means 'to ... [Read]