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''Kevin McGee believes death is much better than life.'' Last communication from Kevin McGee, a TV producer who was legally separated from Matt Lucas 2008. Lucas is the co-star of the UK and HBO comedy series called ''Little Britain,'' and was quite bothered at the time of being involved in the world's first celebrity divorce. T The Daily Mail ... [Read]

Marjorie Dawes of Fat Fighters: Are you fat because you're a lesbian, or are you a lesbian because you're fat? Rosie O'Donnell: What does that mean? What do you mean by that? Marjorie: Well, I mean, did you find that it was hard to get a man because of the weight? And then think, "Maybe I'll go lezzie?" Or ... [Read]

''It is with sadness that Matt and Kevin announce that their relationship has come to an end.... Their separation is amicable.'' Portion of a joint statement released by comedian Matt Lucas and long-time partner Kevin McGee. Lucas is best known for his work on the TV show 'Little Britain' where he portrays many characters including the unflattering gay stereotype ... [Read]