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Dawn Tuckner, a Minnesota woman, told Fox 9 that she was married to another woman in Canada back in 2004. Their relationship, however, ended three years ago. Now, Tuckner may be the first person seeking a same-sex divorce in her state. Minnesota began recognition of equal marriage rights last week on August 1. Tuckner indicated that the dynamics of her relationship changed ... [Read]

UPDATE (Sun, 3:00 am): Mike Burbach, editor for the Pioneer Press, responded to a wave of criticism his news site received over the weekend. He said that they "failed to deliver" on a promise to be impartial about Minnesota's pending constitutional ban on same-sex marriages. He added, "we should have made our respect for the anti-amendment arguments more evident." Burbach ... [Read]

Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings appeared on CNN Tuesday to discuss several political issues, but primarily the NFL player addressed the buzz surrounding his notable stance in favor of marriage equality. Kluwe told correspondent Poppy Harlow that gay Americans are not benefiting equally under the law. And, regarding his famous letter to Maryland Delegate Emmett C. Burns, he stated: ... [Read]

Matt Birk of the Baltimore Ravens football team wrote publicly about his disdain for gay and lesbian marriage rights on Sunday, Sept. 30. His opinion piece appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Calling marriage a "sacred institution," Birk claimed that, "as a Christian," he believed that man-woman marriage is "privileged and recognized" in order for children to be raised in ... [Read]

''For MoveOn, the fight is at least as much about corporate money as it is about gay rights.... But by pointing out Target's involvement in Emmer's campaign and obtaining an apology, MoveOn and Human Rights Campaign had already won; their calls for a boycott and attempt to strong-arm money from the company are deeply counterproductive.... Target's contribution to MN ... [Read]