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[Update: Peter Rauhofer passed away on May 7, 2013.] Hundreds of Peter Rauhofer's fans expressed well wishes for the famed dance music producer and DJ after it was announced that he is suffering from a "large brain tumor." His manager, Angelo, wrote today: Peter Rauhofer (Photo by Aaron Cobbett) As Peter Rauhofer's manager and dear friend for many years, it ... [Read]

Madonna released another dance music video for her gay fans today. The song is called "Girl Gone Wild." The black-n-white video features the pop star in her familiar fetish wear cavorting with a number of hot young male models. Other shirtless guys are seen dancing with Madonna in heels and hose. Watch it and tell us what you think:   ... [Read]

''Another Legendary Angel Loleatta Holloway Gone to soon Rest in Peace Sweet Loleatta..RR'' Note left on Twitter from Ron Richardson who the LA Times credits as Loleatta Holloway's manager. (LA Times) Holloway was known as one of disco's biggest and most beloved voices. She was also one of dance music's most remixed artists. Her biggest hit, "Love Sensation," was ... [Read]

''I was nervous about it but I’m glad I’ve done it and I can now move forward and get on with the rest of my life. I wasn't pressured into doing it. It was all my own decision.... Just talk about it when you feel ready. When you make that decision, just go for it.'' Joe McElderry, the teenage ... [Read]

... [Read]

''Yes, sadly friends, ABC has cancelled my appearances on Kimmel and NYE. :( don't blame them. It's the FCC heat.'' Twitter post from Adam Lambert, apparently telling fans that he was dropped as a performer from two late-night TV appearances on the ABC TV network -- "Jimmy Kimmel Live" talk show, and the "New Year's Eve" special. It's not clear ... [Read]

''I'll tell you what I was hoping. I was watching it, and I think he's got a fantastic voice. I was hoping he would stand there and sing some fantastic song and blow the roof off the place. I think, running around and doing all that -- I think he missed a great opportunity.... He can do whatever he wants ... [Read]