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"I’ve found that a lot of girls have no issue with me being gay… They still want to marry me. And I love that." -- Actor Neil Patrick Harris, speaking with OUT magazine. The How I Met Your Mother star stated that, despite being happily married to partner David Burtka -- with whom he has three-year-old twins -- the star ... [Read]

"[H]ollywood is a pretty accurate reflection of the way most of the world is looking. And the fact that they can have actors who are openly gay... is not something you should thank or congratulate Hollywood for. You thank and congratulate the culture that Hollywood recognizes, accepts, things like that.... Hollywood is the thermometer that is thrust up the ... [Read]

"CBS, the television network airing the big game this year, is now using an outspoken homosexual actor to mimic Tim Tebow's style of trumpeting messages in eyeblack on his face. One football fan who watched the CBS promo Sunday made the connection between Harris and Tebow, saying, 'They're pushing a gay agenda by using him, and they're mocking Christians ... [Read]

'We found a place in Harlem that a woman had been living in for 40-odd years, and it was roomy and reasonably priced. We went to L.A. and got this moving truck and collected his mattress and bed frame and some stuff we each had in storage, and we started a journey across the country. We stopped in Albuquerque, ... [Read]

Good, bad or whatever ... the famous have a lot to say about LGBT issues. Chely Wright: THIS is what happens when leaders like RICK SANTORUM declares that GAY=SIN. EricJames Borges, 19, killed himself Renee Stubbs: I think that Margaret [Court] has her beliefs and I don't preach against them … but I don't go out publicly and say something ... [Read]

Lady Gaga honored by The Trevor Project

Posted by Randy Shulman
December 5, 2011 8:43 PM |
"As much as we can, come together, as it will take a village and an army -- countries and continents, too -- to make bullying a hate crime." Lady Gaga at Trevor Live, the Trevor Project's annual holiday gala on Sunday, Dec. 4 at The Hollywood Palladium. Gaga was honored by the organization, which offers telephone hotline and online support ... [Read]

"Truly sorry for saying the word 'tranny' on Live this week. Twice! Should have been more thoughtful. Didn't at all mean to offend." A tweet by Neil Patrick Harris (@actuallyNPH), who, while guest-hosting Thursday morning on Live! With Kelly, inhaled sulfur hexafluoride, which deepened his voice. Harris joked that it made him sound like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the ... [Read]

"It'll be nice to get a callous on the other hand." Neil Patrick Harris, at the launch party for Americans for Marriage Equality at the Calvin Klein Collection flagship on Monday, Nov. 28, on the potential for adding a wedding band to his ring finger. Despite their five-year engagement, Harris and his partner David Burtka still have not set a ... [Read]

''Last week was our first week back [to work]. And now we're having twin babies in October. So, as if things weren't busy enough!  Now we're not going to be sleeping. So, the crystal meth addiction will start late October, around Halloween time....'' ''We've known about this for some time, obviously, and planned it to within an inch of ... [Read]