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''If you thought the Housewives were dysfunctional, wait until you meet the real Democrats of DC. They're catty: Barney. They're arrogant: Barbara. And they're in charge! Nancy. [The Change? Out of control debt, runaway spending and the loss of jobs.] Under Democrats, reality bites. Paid for by the GoProud, Inc and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. ... [Read]

''I went at the invitation of David Bahati, who is a member of parliament in Uganda who has proposed the kill the gays bill.... [He] was very candid about his political education in the United States has friendships with American politicians, his great admiration for Senator Jim Inhofe who has visited a lot and talk about the moral underpinnings ... [Read]

''To me, Republican principles hold that each individual is special and unique; each individual should have the maximum freedom and opportunity under our Constitution; that government has no business in the private lives of our citizens. If these truly are the guiding values of Republicans—how did we ever get into the situation where my party is viewed as the ... [Read]