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Update Nov. 8, 2013(Episode 16): The final episode of America's Next Top Model began with an improptu elimination among the three remaining challengers -- Jourdan, Cory and Marvin. Unfortunately, Cory's chance at becoming the first gay, male Top Model came to a quick end. He responded by saying: "I know that, now, I can just be myself out on the ... [Read]

''When I was a little baby, I always used to be a girl. But my mom and dad didn't know that. So, I couldn't talk then, but when I was old enough that I could talk, I dressed up into a girl. And my mom said, 'Why are you dressed up as a girl?' And I said, 'Because I'm ... [Read]

''[The unclean spirit] came out.... [I'm] no longer gay, but it's still a process that I have to go through to be fully delivered. See, I'm not -- the spirit of homosexuality is not in me because I choose not to live in that way. I allow God, the Holy Spirit to come in me, to change the things ... [Read]

"I want every single one of you in this room to take note of what corporations put their time and money behind gays, behind lesbians - behind you. Do you want to continue to give your money to people in corporations that oppress us, that keep us down? Or do you want to give your money to the corporations ... [Read]

''I assumed that I would get the gay and lesbian audience -- just by living my life out and open, so casually and comfortably. I did not know I would get this huge influx of straight women, mostly married, mostly with kids, middle-aged, who are living all over the country, middle parts of America where I'm from.... I'm was ... [Read]

Tyra Banks hosted a show with the topic, "I Hate Being Gay." It began like this: "This is Shane, and he says gay people are disgusting and weak. Right here, we've got Greg. Greg says he is terrified of gay people. And then over here, we have Mark. And he says that he feels like homosexuality is a shameful disorder ... [Read]

''Porn is porn.... I say I'm straight, and I really am. I'm married, 3 kids.... I don't really get aroused for anybody but my, but, for my fans. Knowing that, in the back of my mind, that they're watching me -- if they want me to perform at my best, that gives me a little motivation.... I feel more ... [Read]

''Until I have my gender reassignment surgery, there's some things I have to do extra that the other girls don't have to. I have on, like, three pairs of undergarments just in case the tape did peel off because of the water. I'm so nervous about that.'' Isis King, the most media-covered contestent on ''America's Next Top Model, Cycle ... [Read]

''I did it on my show first with Claudia. But you know what? There's not going to be a moment where Tyra's not going to knock me off, so I'm not bothered by her.... I (never got) a note or call (from Tyra) thanking me for helping to put her show on the map. Whatever. She's not my favorite ... [Read]

"My cards were dealt differently.... I like to help people, but I'm here to follow my dreams." Isis, a 22-year-old contestant on the upcoming Cycle 11 of the reality TV series America's Next Top Model. She is ''a woman born physically male,'' and has reportedly worked for a non-profit organization and is from Prince Georges County, Maryland. (US Magazine) ... [Read]