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"We are tolerant. That’s what we are saying: we are not slaughtering them." -- Uganda's Minister for Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo, in an interview with Agence France-Presse, discussing a proposed bill which will strengthen the punishment for homosexuality in the country. The bill mandates life imprisonment for people repeatedly convicted of having sex with a person of the same-sex. ... [Read]

"Unless this bill is stopped from becoming law, lives will be destroyed, and countless people will be punished for an immutable characteristic" -- Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, in a statement issued following the announcement that Uganda's President, Yoweri Museveni, would sign into law the country's anti-gay bill. The bill calls for gay Ugandans or anyone "promoting" homosexuality to ... [Read]

Uganda Parliament passes anti-gay bill

Posted by Will O'Bryan
December 20, 2013 10:15 AM |
“I am officially illegal.” --Frank Mugisha, head of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), following the Ugandan Parliament’s passage of a bill that, while no longer including the death penalty, allows for life imprisonment for those who do not report gay people to authorities. (BBC) (Photo by Julian Vankim/Metro Weekly)  “I am glad the Parliament has voted against evil. … Because we ... [Read]

"[H]ollywood is a pretty accurate reflection of the way most of the world is looking. And the fact that they can have actors who are openly gay... is not something you should thank or congratulate Hollywood for. You thank and congratulate the culture that Hollywood recognizes, accepts, things like that.... Hollywood is the thermometer that is thrust up the ... [Read]

“Ugandan Parliament will adjourn today Fri 14th until Feb 2013 without considering the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.” Frank Mugisha, executive director of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), tweeting earlier today. also released a statement today announcing that the Ugandan Parliament ended its 2012 session today without taking up the so-called “Kill the Gays” bill, which has repeatedly resurfaced since its 2009 ... [Read]

“The constitution will not allow the majority to oppress the minority.” Ladislaus Rwakafuzi, a human rights attorney, responding to news that the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of the Ugandan Parliament earlier today passed a notorious anti-homosexuality bill out of committee. The bill, originally dubbed the “Kill the Gays” bill when introduced in 2009, has removed the provision of execution ... [Read]

“This bill won’t stop us. We will continue to fight until we are free of this legislation. We cannot have oppression forever.” Frank Mugisha, executive director of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), as quoted in a Nov. 21 statement from, reacting to a renewed and expedited effort in the Ugandan Parliament to pass what would become one of the world’s ... [Read]

“I will not accept to be intimidated or directed by any government in the world on matters of homosexuality.”  Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga pledging to move forward on her country’s notorious bill that, if passed, would make the country one of the world’s most hostile to gay people. The legislation, which has been floating in Parliament since ... [Read]

“It is critical for all Ugandans – the government and citizens alike – to speak out against discrimination, harassment and intimidation of anyone. That’s true no matter where they come from, what they believe, or whom they love.”  Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking Friday in Kampala, Uganda, to the nation’s Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and ... [Read]

US Senator James Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma, went on Rachel Maddow's show on Thursday, March 15. He appeared on the show to promote his book in which he reportedly denounced scientific claims about "global warming." But in the second half of their interview, the talk show host confronted Inhofe about Uganda's "kill the gays" bill. For the past few ... [Read]

''I went at the invitation of David Bahati, who is a member of parliament in Uganda who has proposed the kill the gays bill.... [He] was very candid about his political education in the United States has friendships with American politicians, his great admiration for Senator Jim Inhofe who has visited a lot and talk about the moral underpinnings ... [Read]