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"A few thousand people who claim to be homosexuals cannot dictate rules for the majority; they cannot decide what is right and what is wrong." Prakash Sharma, spokesperson for the conservative Hindu group Vishwa Hindu Parishad, praising the decision of India's Supreme Court to overturn a lower court's decision to decriminalize homosexuality. The decision once again makes gay sex ... [Read]

"Where Mr. Northam, a fiscal conservative, is measured and moderate - Republicans tried to persuade him to switch parties in 2009 - Mr. Jackson is drunk with his own words, incapable of resisting bombast and demagoguery. While Mr. Northam, a pediatric neurologist, speaks movingly of the children he has treated, Mr. Jackson blathers about his "love for all people" - ... [Read]

Prosperity televangelist Joel Osteen spoke with The Washington Post's Sally Quinn about his recent comments on the Piers Morgan show regarding homosexuality and gay weddings. Osteen and his wife, Victoria, have repeatedly been invited on CNN and other networks to discuss his beliefs. He has a long history of claiming homosexuality is "not God's best," "it is a choice," and "a sin" according ... [Read]