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Dennis Shepard, appeared at a press conference sponsored by the Tennessee Equality Project this week. He directed his comments toward parents about the need to hold the state's legislators responsible for protecting gay youth against bullying at school and online. He referenced the suicides of two Tennessee teens in his speech -- Phillip Parker and Jacob Rogers -- who were ... [Read]

A 14-year-old gay boy, Phillip Parker, took his own life on Friday. Reports are coming out that he was the focus of bullying at Gordonsville High School in Tennessee. His parents, Gena and Phillip Parker, told WSMV that their son had been treated badly because he was gay. His mother told cameras at a vigil on Saturday, "That was his ... [Read]

''He's been doing this since he was about 2 years old. He's loved girl stuff, so we just let him dress how he wants, as long as he's happy.... I said, 'Well, what's the big deal?' She said 'It doesn't matter how he looks, he has boy parts, he can't be in Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts don't allow that ... [Read]

''I do not condone bullying or harassment of any kind and I am very aware and saddened by the negative impact this type of behavior creates. I regret that the posts appeared on Facebook. They do not reflect my personal views and I apologize for any and all offenses caused by the comment.'' Statement reportedly released by Joplin High ... [Read]

''[Jamie] was the kind of boy that loved everybody.... He couldn't understand why everyone would be so cruel to him about something as simple as skating.... Why do people have to be cruel to our children when all they want to do is be loved?'' Allan Hubley, father of Jamie Hubley, a gay teen who reportedly took his own ... [Read]

"There was no bias, no intimidation and there was no bullying done. Nor was there any bullying intended or bias intended." Steven Altman, attorney for Dharun Ravi, the former Rutgers student who came to national attention in September 2010 when he secretly broadcast on the internet a video feed of his roommate, Tyler Clementi, having a sexual encounter with another ... [Read]

''He was a small young man.  His heart showed slight swelling. It was slightly enlarged.  This was a secondary finding.'' Latest update from KSAX about gay high school student Lance Lundsten who passed away from undetermined causes. Details continue to trickle out from this case, and Wednesday afternoon, KSAX quoted Douglas County Medical Examiner, Mark Spandbauer, as saying that ... [Read]

[Update: Medical Examiner determines Lundsten did not die from enlarged heart.] Lance's father called KSAX and said he received a call from the coroner saying Lance had an enlarged heart and died of a coronary edema. He said he believed it was not a suicide. From a TV news station in Miltona, Minnesota, regarding the sudden death of 18-year-old ... [Read]

''Well, I went over to him [and] say, what's going on here?...And you know, I was ready to punch one of them with my left hand, but that didn't happen, thank God.'' Mike Brady, a surprise participant in ABC's undercover investigation show, ''What Would You Do?'' In this past Friday's episode, the network set up a camera to capture ... [Read]

''Seriously, they want me to wear purple because five queers killed themselves. The only way im wearing it for them is if they all commit suicide. I cant believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed thereselves because of their sin. REALLY PEOPLE.'' ''No because being a ... [Read]

''We've always reached out to a variety of actors and athletes and celebrities to appear on the show, and our programming has always appealed to adults as much as children... Honestly, the idea that anyone would interpret (this season) that way never crossed our minds.'' Ellen Lewis, described by UPI as the Sesame Street Workshop's vice president of corporate ... [Read]

''I felt like I was being asked to go back into the closet. And that's a terrifying place to be. My first reaction was absolute terror... [About returning to class,] Stoked. Really, really excited. Those kids are my joy.'' Seth Stambaugh, an Oregon teacher who says he had a brief conversation with a student who asked why he wasn't ... [Read]

''When I was a little baby, I always used to be a girl. But my mom and dad didn't know that. So, I couldn't talk then, but when I was old enough that I could talk, I dressed up into a girl. And my mom said, 'Why are you dressed up as a girl?' And I said, 'Because I'm ... [Read]

Below is a peek at this week's sickening blanket of socially conservative, anti-gay rhetoric aimed at the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network and the head of President Obama's Safe Schools Initiative, Kevin Jennings who founded GLSEN. They're trying to get Jennings fired and GLSEN thrown out of the school system by focusing in on a sexual education workshop held in ... [Read]

''[The unclean spirit] came out.... [I'm] no longer gay, but it's still a process that I have to go through to be fully delivered. See, I'm not -- the spirit of homosexuality is not in me because I choose not to live in that way. I allow God, the Holy Spirit to come in me, to change the things ... [Read]