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Forget the budget or transportation. Some Richmond lawmakers went to the mat to prevent unmarried couples from living together and having sex without breaking the law. And on Wednesday, they lost. By a 62-25** margin, the Virginia House of Delegates passed SB969, a bill that seeks to repeal a section of Virginia law that makes cohabitating or "lewdly and lasciviously associating" ... [Read]

If Virginia legislators take action this week, "living in sin" with one's boyfriend or girlfriend will be a step closer to legalization in the commonwealth. The Virginia Senate is expected to pass a bill Thursday that would repeal a section of the Code of Virginia dating back to the 19th century that outlaws unmarried cohabitation. The bill, SB969, introduced by ... [Read]

A Virginia Senate committee unanimously approved a bill that would allow unmarried couples to cohabitate without fear of prosecution by the Commonwealth. All fifteen members of the Senate Committee for Courts of Justice voted to send the bill, SB969, to the floor, where it is expected to receive a vote by the full body later this week, according to Sam ... [Read]