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One in three Americans say gays can turn straight

By Daniel Burnett
August 22, 2013 2:15 PM |
One in three Americans believe gays can choose to be straight, according to a segment of a survey rereleased from the Pew Research Center Tuesday. According to the survey, 51 percent of all Americans believe an LGBT person cannot change his or her orientation, while 36 percent think they can. More than half of conservative Republicans and black respondents said ... [Read]

Major news outlets – even Fox News – are showing increased support for gay marriage, according to a study from the Pew Research Center. The results show that stories considered supportive of same-sex marriage outshone stories opposing it by roughly 5-to-1. The study examined stories about marriage equality and classified them as supportive or opposing if a story included statements on one ... [Read]

Pew releases new data on LGBT attitudes, experiences

By Daniel Burnett
June 17, 2013 4:23 PM |
There may have been some awkward Father’s Day calls yesterday, as only 39 percent of gays and lesbians have told their fathers about their sexual orientation, according to a new survey of LGBT Americans from Pew Research Center. The numbers are somewhat better for mothers – 56 percent of gays have told their moms. The study focused on “attitudes, experiences ... [Read]

Nearly three-quarters say gay marriage is inevitable

By Daniel Burnett
June 6, 2013 3:55 PM |
Nearly three quarters of Americans – 72 percent – say legal recognition of same-sex marriage is “inevitable,” according to a study released Thursday by the Pew Research Center. It was also the first time in Pew polling history that more than half of Americans support gay marriage: 51 percent in favor, to 42 percent opposed. "It just keeps ticking up ... [Read]