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We suddenly have the urge to buy some graham crackers. Honey Maid's latest advertisement centers on the idea of "wholesome" -- from its wholesome snacks, to the wholesome families it features in its commercial. The 30-second spot features a rock and roll father, a multi-racial family and two dads raising a family together. So far, response on the Honey ... [Read]

Olympics-Themed Video Calls Out Global Homophobia

An electrifying new video sheds light on punishments for homosexuality that still exist around the world

by Rhuaridh Marr
February 16, 2014 9:53 PM |
For Chris Svoboda and Michael Rohrbaugh, there’s no statement too bold. The creators of a video titled “Russia Declares Discrimination Newest Olympic Sport,” which has racked up over 800,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing and is part of the “Fair Games Project,” their aim is to shed light on the terrible plight of LGBT citizens in the ... [Read]

U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 rebranded itself today in a showing of support for the LGBT community ahead of the Sochi Olympics. The broadcaster, which earlier this week aired graphic documentary "Hunted" that detailed attacks by Russian gangs on LGBT residents in the country, debuted a rainbow-colored logo and an incredible 90-second ad titled "Gay Mountain." Featuring a singing bear, ... [Read]

The Disney Channel made history Sunday night in an episode of family sitcom Good Luck Charlie. The sub-plot of the episode revolved around daughter Charlie's playdate with another child, Taylor. Parents Bob and Amy argue over the name of the child's mother -- is it Susan or Cheryl? -- before opening the door to discover that it's both, as ... [Read]

The LGBT television network Here TV announced a licensing deal with Breaking Glass Pictures to air 30 of the company's films, including Hollywood to Dollywood, Out in the Open, Nate & Margaret, and two of Del Shores's stand-up comedies, Del Shores: My Sordid Life and Del Shores: Sordid Confessions. "Here TV is committed to providing more of the best ... [Read]

Bloodworth-Thomason's Bridegroom premieres Sunday on OWN

By Will O'Bryan
October 25, 2013 2:54 PM |
When it comes to Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, an automatic association is comedy – granted, often socially aware comedy – like her hit show Designing Women. The tragedy is a bit further in the back, but it’s definitely there and it most certainly played a part in defining who she is today. The same year Designing Women debuted, 1986, Bloodworth-Thomason’s mother – ... [Read]