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"You get the sense that maybe he wasn't seeing Angie as a person. Then you get an idea of the violence behind this act." Crystal Middlestadt, director of Training and Education for the Colorado Anti-Violence Program, reacting to the details of the murder of MTF transgender Angie Zapata. Her overnight sex partner allegedly stated to policed that after beating ... [Read]

"It's been devastating. I never thought this would happen, for one thing. And not from a public sector job.... This is about the right of everybody to be treated equally with respect.... It has been said that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. I'm not exactly a man anymore, but I'm not going to do nothing." Vandiver Elizabeth ... [Read]

"I can't do it anymore. Every time I go through there, it's tearing my insides out.... I don't want to keep confusing these kids. This just can't happen anymore. There are kids running in and out, and it's so embarrassing." Karen Deamons, a pre-op M2F transgender who was required to use the men's locker room at city-run Cudell Recreation Center ... [Read]

;''Portraying a gay family in a story that is not simply about gay families shows that these families exist too and are just as normal as other types of families. I really can't see how that can affect the quality of the story itself. I guess there are people who really feel very threatened when you try to open up ... [Read]

''We used to know how well we were doing by the number of Safeway bags our customers would store behind the counter. As time went on, we saw fewer and fewer Safeway bags, because people weren't shopping there -- they were shopping at Whole Foods.'' David Franco, owner of the Universal Gear clothing store now located near 14th and P ... [Read]

''This is a true victory for equality. In repealing this law we've sent the message loud and clear that in Massachusetts, we respect and honor all families. We've ridded our state laws of the last vestige of discrimination against same-sex couples, and we once again lead the way for equality for all people.'' Marc Solomon, Executive Director of MassEquality, in ... [Read]

''My position is: It’s not the reason why I’m running for president of the United States, and I think that two-parent families are best for America... I think that it is important for us to emphasize family values, but I think that it's very imprtant to understand that we have other challenges, too. I’m running for president of the United ... [Read]

''We call it 'pumping' because that's just a signature name that we came up with our own language. They get pumped because they want to enhance their body to look more convicing of a female.... What is the better illusion versus having to put on fake breasts, or fake hips, fake butt -- when you can have the alteration ... [Read]

''I don't understand why anybody would do this. All we know right now is that the suspect was not connected to the church in any way. I have no idea if the man had some sort of political or cultural agenda (TVUUC had just put up a sign welcoming gays to the congregation), or if it's just some lunatic acting ... [Read]

''The Sex Lives of Animals at The Museum of Sex presents an uncensored story of the natural world, moving animal sexuality beyond the confines of reproduction and mating, towards discussions of orientation and cognition. By exploring the most intimate part of life, where it is often said we are most animal like, we can appreciate the significance of research ... [Read]

''Nike is strongly opposed to discrimination of any kind and has a long history of supporting athletes regardless of their sexual orientation. The advertisement in question is based purely upon a common insight from within the game of basketball -- the athletic feat of dunking on the opposition, and is not intended to be offensive. However, after listening to ... [Read]

''She was always happy," said Alicia Portillo, one of Angie's friends. "She loved music. She didn't care what people thought of her. She always just wanted to be who she was, and that was female, and to be loved.... Angie gave me the power to not care what people thought of me.'' Alicia Portillo, a lesbian friend of Angie (Justin) ... [Read]

George Michael interviewed on GMA [video]

Posted by JD Uy
July 25, 2008 12:29 PM |
''[Getting caught and arrested] was a huge relief and it took me about a year to admit to myself that I'd done it -- deliberately.... The truth is, cruising has gone on for as long as there have been men trying to hide their sexuality.'' Singer on George Michael elaborating on his public sex scandal, his drug use scandal, and ... [Read]

''We're disappointed, but the court concluded that we were right, but were too late in filing.... ‘If I didn’t think we had a strong chance to win, I wouldn’t recommend to my client that we appeal.'' Jonathan Shurberg or Equality Maryland reacting to the ruling by Judge Robert Greenburg in the case of a transgender rights bill that has been ... [Read]

"Following conversations between the Human Rights Campaign and senior Mars representatives, the company has agreed to pull its most recent ad using stereotypes of gay men to sell its Snickers product line. HRC applauds Mars for taking swift and appropriate action.'' Statement by HRC Workplace Director Daryl Herrschaf excerpted from a press release posted on the Human Rights Campain ... [Read]

''They told me to take off my clothes to rape me or they would kill me immediately. This moment was the worst moment in my life.... I told my family that I was beaten by them, but I did not dare to tell my family that I was raped by them. I could not say it, it's too much shame.'' ... [Read]

''Now if there is misconduct, there are regulations to deal with that misconduct. But we're talking about orientation -- not misconduct, here. And that is the premise of my question to you, Ms. Donnelly, is that you're saying that our military -- the greatest military in the world, one I was honored to serve with when I first put ... [Read]

''Thomas rode out the first 24 hours [of labor] at home. His wife, Nancy, was his coach and then they wen to the hospital where a midwife delivered the baby. It was not a C-section: It was a vaginal birth. Susan comes from Thomas' mother's name. Juliette is his wife's middle name. She weighed 9 lbs 5 ounces. Perfectly ... [Read]

''[Madonna outed me] during an interview with a gay magazine. She casually mentioned it but the only people who knew I was gay at the time were my boyfriend and immediate family. I was upset she didn’t consider my feelings - she couldn't understand why I was upset, why I objected to her using me to get credibility with the ... [Read]

''All the victims were, or are, homosexual. He has taken advantage of their sexual preferences and violated them.... The crimes are very serious. He’s victimized vulnerable people. He didn’t believe they would dare report him because of their sexual orientation and because they met on the internet. This makes the crimes extra serious'' Swedish public prosecutor Fredrik Ingblad who has ... [Read]

''I have no idea why they did what they did. Some people in the jail suggested it was for money. I never saw any [cash] pass. The guards, they got no big payout. They were stupid and backward. They did it for ... giggles. [Suspected police killer, Lee] Woods was very trans-phobic. He'd see me and say things like he ... [Read]

''I think it will probably upset the purists. But one thing we wanted to make clear was that Sebastian was gay and that Charles although terribly fond of him is heading in another direction sexually.... Waugh had a very skilful way of skating over the sordid details so we can imagine what we like about them. This ambivalence was probably ... [Read]

"This is a good decision for lesbians everywhere. A court in Athens could not stop people around the world from using it. It was ridiculous.'' Vassilis Chirdaris, lawyer for the Gay and Lesbian Union of Greece, which was being sued by three residents of Lesbos, the Aegean island that was the home of Sappho, a woman who wrote poetry that ... [Read]

''Thursday, July 24, 11:00-12:00 -- LGBT Portrayals in Comics -- With the increased number of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) characters in both mainstream and indie comics today, it's time to examine how they're faring. Has this increased presence meant better and more complex portrayals, or is there more to be explored? Has the call for "positive" portrayals been ... [Read]

''The captain of the charter vessel called for help; said that he had a man overboard. Police boats and also a Coast Guard vessel were called to the scene. At first, the person refused to come out of the water, but they, at some point, got him aboard. A fight ensued on the back of the police boat. The suspect ... [Read]

Each newlywed team of Contestants must be legally married to each other (legal marriage defined as one that is legally valid in all 50 state of the United States) and, upon Producer's request must be able to provide proof of marriage (i.e. a marriage certificate) that shows that Contestants are legally married to each other. Portion of ''Eligibility Requirments'' document ... [Read]

''I think the gay-rights people want it to be a gay-rights issue, because it makes a poster child out of my son.... That bothered me. I'm not anti-gay. I have a lot of co-workers and friends who are gay.'' Greg King, the adoptive father of murdered 15-year-old, Larry King, who his father reportedly says was likely not gay but ... [Read]

Selma Blair shocked at lesbian crushes

Posted by JD Uy
July 21, 2008 12:15 AM |
''I have done three girl-on-girl kisses on-screen. And, yet, I've never experimented in real life. When lesbian friends tell me they're in love with me after our friendship has been cemented, it always shocks me.'' Actress Selma Blair, of 'Cruel Intentions' and 'Hellboy' speaking to Playboy magazine. She says she also rehearsed her sex scenes with actress Stana Katic. (Stuff.co.nz) ... [Read]

''My client has done nothing wrong. He has served the community of Hollywood with honor and distinction for over 10 years. The only reason someone would criticize my client is that he publicly has a different lifestyle.'' Al Milian, attorney for Hollywood, Florida police officer Michael Verdugo, from a statement released regarding the officer's forced paid administrative leave. After appearing ... [Read]

We don't discriminate. We want to make sure if anyone tried to use TaxCut online they had a recourse here.... When the ACLU brought this to our attention, we agreed with them.'' Denise Sposato, a spokesperson for the tax return filing company H&R Block, responding to an issue raised by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of a gay ... [Read]

Cross-dressing Tourists Arrested in Dubai

Posted by JD Uy
July 17, 2008 5:29 PM |
"Any man or woman who dresses up and behaves like the opposite gender in public will be questioned and legal action will be taken against him or her.'' Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, following up on the arrest of 40 tourists, and a threat issued back in May to arrest any transvestites caught in public. Apparently, he ... [Read]

''We didn't know what to do. He [was] a very large man. I'm not a very big woman.... It seems like if I had made a scene, he would have ejected us.... If [the stadium's representatives and management] try to spin it and try to pacify us, we will take it further.'' Laura, 33, who says she was holding the ... [Read]

This is one of the most pernicious statutes on our books.... This bill puts the final nail in the coffin of those dark days.'' Massachusetts State Senator Dianne Wilkerson, a Democrat and the government branch's only black member, remarking on the Senate's vote to repeal the arcane, racist law that was used by then Governor Mitt Romney to deny same-sex ... [Read]

''We are pleased that Senator McCain clarified the remarks, and we thank the senator for once again re-iterating his belief that issues concerning marriage and family laws should be left up to the states — not the federal government.'' Patrick Sammon, the president of Log Cabin Republicans, releasing a statement of support for Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, who immediately ... [Read]

''The investigation revealed that the men had met on a website called Manhunt.net and had arranged to meet with a third party at 70 Abbeyville Lane for sex.... I think that the third party arranged it. I don't think they had any idea about who owned the house. I think they probably felt that the third party owned the house.... ... [Read]

''Perez you area FAT GAY PIG! Angelina is an ugly whore! You love her because she is a fag lover! Her brother is a gay jerk just like your fat ugly ass! MANGELINA is a disgusting, gross skank!'' Contents of an e-mail allegedly sent to gossip blogger Perez Hilton by an Ohio woman who was fired from her job at ... [Read]

''I think that we’ve proven that both parents are important in the success of a family so, no I don’t believe in gay adoption.'' Senator John McCain responding to a question that asked if he opposed gay adoptions like President George Bush. (New York Times) ''I respect the rights of the states to make those decisions. I obviously am personally ... [Read]

Ian McKellan tells of death threats

Posted by JD Uy
July 14, 2008 8:09 AM |
"There are deaths in public places on the grounds that the victim is gay.... My own death threats have declined considerably. I think I've become rather boring now to the public at large on this particular issue so I'm thought to be unremarkable." Sir Ian McKellen, actor and gay rights advocate, speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr talk show alongside ... [Read]

''At first, of course, I did not know what was going to happen and, with death threats having come in, that enters your mind.... I must say I was really overcome and got quite tearful afterwards with sadness for this young man. He clearly felt very strongly about what he believed. I thought, you know, there is this place ... [Read]

''I tell my friends all the time, I'm like, 'What makes them think talking about me is going to make me change who I am?' They can talk about me. They can do anything. But I'm still Saro. It doesn't bother me.'' Saro Harvey, 15, speaking to the Washington Post for an article about what it's like to be ... [Read]

''The word is, according to multiple sources in Montgomery and elsewhere, that King was recently caught by his wife in a gay affair with a male aide and banished from his home.'' From the Locust Point Journal blog. Troy King is the conservative, Republican Attorney General for Alabama. He is said to have been a leading contender for the next ... [Read]

"This has been a question we've been looking at for quite a long time... It's not something the bureau could arbitrarily or casually decide to change on a whim, because our data is used by virtually every federal agency.... We're not destroying data; we are keeping that data," O'Connell said. "We are just showing the data published in a way ... [Read]

''I don't support changing the definition of marriage," Reed said, "but whether this is the appropriate ballot measure, we'll have to wait until it goes on... I support the extension of benefits, and I supported the exension of protections from discrimination for same-sex couples and I'll continue to do that — but I don't support changing the definition of of ... [Read]

''In 2004, Gov. Mitt Romney applied this arcane law, the so-called "1913 Law," to keep out-of-state same-sex couples from marrying in Massachusetts. The law, in fact, was rooted in discrimination: it was enacted to limit the number of interracial marriages that could be performed here by stating that if it were disallowed by the home state, a couple could not ... [Read]

''If you're going to show them as a couple, it has to be real... There was one line in the Next Generation episode, 'So, how long have you two been together?' and that was as much as there was in 1987. There's a lot more now.... It's not a big deal to anybody on the Enterprise. There is no bias ... [Read]

''[Employees] exercised extremely poor judgment in approving participation in the program.'' Parks, Recreation and Tourism director Chad Prosser explaining the cancellation of an gay-friendly overseas ad campaign that had been sign-off on already. An ad for Amro Worldwide that was to be paid for with tax dollars, had the headline, "South Carolina is so gay." (The State) ... [Read]

Green Bay hosts its first gay pride

Posted by Randy Shulman
July 11, 2008 8:16 AM |
"We've been planning for 10 months and we've received nothing but positive response from the city, from leaders, businesses. The major reaction that we get is that 'it's about time.'" -- Andrew DeBaker, event co-chairman of the Green Bay, Wi. area's first full-fledged gay pride celebration. The event, called Pride Alive, marks a milestone for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and ... [Read]

''It's a very empowering thing to be able to preside over these ceremonies. We've been working on this for such a long time.'' Comedy queen Margaret Cho who says she's been deputized by the city of San Francisco and performed two gay weddings at that city's Pride. (E! Online) ... [Read]

''Islington Council rightly considered the importance of the right of the gay community not to be discriminated against but did not consider the right of Miss Ladele as a member of a religious group. It decided that the service it provided was secular and that the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community must be protected. In so ... [Read]

''Nowadays, I don't wear my collar when I am in countries which have supporters of homosexuals.... I am forced to dress like a civilian because those people are dangerous. They can harm anybody who is against them. Some of them are killers. They want to close the mouth of anybody who is against them.'' Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi's remarks before ... [Read]

''We have had other attacks like this from kids in the neighborhood. People pushing the kids, throwing things at them, at least once a week.'' Father Louis Braxton, Jr, an Episcopal who runs Carmen’s Place, a shelter for gay and transgender youth in Queens. Four teens have been arrested for punching the priest and attacking the shelter's residents with construction ... [Read]

"I just couldn't take it, Mama." Natasha Akins calling out to her mother as she was being arrested by Houston police for shooting her Public Works co-worker Dave Whitfield, Jr, six times. Akins father claims that his daughter was dealing with harassment over her sexual orientation, however the victim, Whitfield, later denied that he personally said anything about it to ... [Read]

''They said it was to essentially poke fun at wrestling - two guys rolling around on the floor, all sweaty.... It set the crowd off lobbing beers. They had beers in plastic cups. Those things can get some distance on them actually.'' Fort Smith police sergeant Adam Holland, commenting on an event held in Texarkana, AR, called ''Blue Collar Brawlin'' ... [Read]

''Attention Customers, This store does not believe in Gay & Lesbian marriages. Any same sex activity which includes kissing, hugging, touching or anything that would make our customers feel uncomfortable is prohibited in the store.'' Message from a sign seen at a Rite Aid Pharmacy in New York City. The gay web log Queerty reports that four such signs allegedly ... [Read]

''At approximately 24 minutes into the film, while Jason Bateman’s PR whiz works to rehabilitate the superhero’s tarnished image, he shows Hancock three comic book images in an effort to inspire him. But Hancock rejects the traditional image of costumed superheroes as he responds to each one: 'Homo. Homo in red. Norwegian homo.''' From the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against ... [Read]

''At the time of the consultation some members of the Rainbow Group expressed concerns it could be potentially discriminating. Part of these plans is to cut down shrubbery and trees and we are continuing with that work as planned and agreed.'' A spokesman for Bristol City Council in the UK regarding the Downs, a nearby park that is slated for ... [Read]

''Everyone was living a big lie — the homosexuals were trying to hide their sexual orientation and the commanders were looking the other way because they didn’t want to disrupt operations by trying to enforce the law.'' Navy Vice Adm. Jack Shanahan, a military veteran of 35 years, and a member of study panel that has called for an end ... [Read]

''Most disturbing, this challenge can come not just in a direct appeal, but at any time, even decades later, in a collateral attack long after final judgment and longstanding reliance on the adoption.'' Portion of an legal appeal by Patricia Spado who was adopted in 1991 by her lesbian lover, Olive Watson, an heiress to the fortunes of Thomas Watson ... [Read]

''It’s not like I’m a different person. It’s not like I was straight before. So nothing really has changed.... I came out years ago. All that happened recently was that I was doing an interview with the Herald and there was a pretty innocuous question, ‘Who do I live with?’ and I just said ‘my partner Lachlan’. And the ... [Read]

''What CBS has done here is groundbreaking and very courageous. Also smart, because a lot of gay people watch soaps. I'm honored to be a little part of it.'' Singer and sometimes actress Cyndi Lauper remarking on her cameo appearance in support of the continuous gay storyline of Luke Snyder (Van Hansis) and Noah Mayer. (Jake Silbermann). (PressTelegram.com) ... [Read]

"It is a human right of every citizen that he ought not to be discriminated against on the basis of race, his origin and such. This court can see very little difference between such rights and the rights and expectations not to be violently attacked on the basis of one's sexual orientation.... In some jurisdictions, such as the United States ... [Read]

''If we would go to California and come back here, what are the chances we might be prosecuted?.... Neither of us could afford the legal costs in defending ourselves.'' Dick Myers, a Wisconsin resident who was interested in marrying his gay partner, Steve Brondino, in California until he learned of an existing Wisconsin state law that prohibits residents from ... [Read]

... [Read]

... [Read]

''American Family Association (AFA) is boycotting McDonald's restaurants because of the company's promotion of the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage. AFA asked McDonald's to remain neutral in the culture war. McDonald's refused. This boycott is not about hiring homosexuals, or eating at McDonald's, or how homosexual employees are treated. It is about McDonald's, as a corporation, refusing to remain neutral ... [Read]

"I feel it's bittersweet. It's sad to see it go because it was so important, so necessary at one time. Yet if we're liberated now and people can feel comfortable going anyplace, I'm happy for them." -- Debra C. Fierro, owner of the iconic Rubyfruit Bar and Grill, a Manhattan lesbian venue opened in 1994, commenting on the bar's ... [Read]

"They really relentlessly harassed and ridiculed him. They made his life miserable and he couldn't tolerate it anymore." -- James Trout, speaking about his client, Adam Bereki, a gay police officer, who recently settled a lawsuit, which could award him as much as $2.15 million, against Huntington Beach, Calif., after suffering years of on-the-job harassment, including jokes by fellow officers ... [Read]

M2F Transgender killed in Memphis [video]

Posted by JD Uy
July 3, 2008 4:58 AM |
''Transgendered individual are often the victims of crime mainly because we know that people are homophobic or transphobic.'' Jonathan Cole of Tennessee Equality Project remarking on the murder of Rodney Whitaker, whose body was found next to a day care center and a strip club. (WREG-TV) ''We consider these two recent crimes, combined with the still unsolved murder of ... [Read]

''A lot of people would stop getting sick from going out on a fling, hiring a prostitute and getting God knows what STD from it.'' District resident Ronnie Millard sharing his opinion of a proposal by the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance to have official legalize prostitution in the city of Washington, DC. (WJLA) alt: Need Internet Explorere for video ... [Read]

"We were devastated. In disbelief. We still can't believe it. We're just in shock.... She was a very highly motivated, very energetic individual. You know, every morning she came in here pumped up and energized. She would say 'top of the morning' to everyone.'' Monica Standfield remarking on the life of her coworker Vilma Patrice Artis Butler, who was shot ... [Read]

"She had a birth defect, and we call it that. I can't think of a worse birth defect, as a woman, than to have a penis." -- Stephanie Grant (an alias), speaking with Barbara Walters on a recent episode of 20/20 about her 10-year-old transgender daughter, Riley, seen with Walters above, who has insisted since infancy that she is a ... [Read]

"When you see a 15 percent yearly increase, that is an epidemic that is out of control. And yet we don't see a response that recognizes it is an epidemic out of control." -- Phill Wilson, longtime activist and head of the Black AIDS Institute of Los Angeles, commenting on new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... [Read]

"We are all only here because of those who marched and bled and died, from Selma to Stonewall, in the pursuit of a more perfect union." --Michelle Obama, wife of presidential candidate Barack Obama, speaking June 26 at a Manhattan fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee's Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council. (Associated Press) ... [Read]

''As the Democratic nominee for President, I am proud to join with and support the LGBT community in an effort to set our nation on a course that recognizes LGBT Americans with full equality under the law. That is why I support extending fully equal rights and benefits to same sex couples under both state and federal law. That is ... [Read]

''I guess some say she's pretty outspoken, and the other two girls didn't like that. We were told by the two suspects it was over the sex-orientation issue that they don't believe in.... We don't know if there was any contact between them other than verbal. Something like this doesn't come up all of a sudden. It was brewing.'' Chief ... [Read]

''The defendant knew all the information in the profiles, and only a very limited number of people would.... Mr Firsht values his privacy highly. It was the gross invasion of his privacy, namely having his personal details, including false details concerning his sexuality, laid bare for all to see that caused him the most distress.'' Lorna Skinner, a lawyer for ... [Read]

Craig Seymour: All I Could Bare ''Let's put it this way, every feeling that I ever experienced working as a stripper, I've felt the same emotion in almost every other work place. There were times when I felt taken advantage of as a stripper and also when I've had other jobs. There were times when I felt exploited and ... [Read]

Queer Experiments: August edition

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July 1, 2008 5:20 AM |
''Evidence indicates that, aside from sexual partner preference, the mating psychology of homosexual men is sex-typical whereas that of homosexual women tends to be more sex-atypical.'' From ''Mate Retention Behavior of Men and Women in Heterosexual and Homosexual Relationships'' by Doug P. VanderLaan and Paul L. Vasey. (Archives of Sexual Behavior: August 2008) ''The results showed that, overall, transsexuals tended ... [Read]

''Under several new laws, same-sex couples will have the same rights as married spouses to make medical decisions for each other and will be exempt from recordation taxes and state and county transfer taxes when they transfer property to their partner or the partner's family member.'' Portion of a Washington Post report about laws that go into effect in Maryland ... [Read]

''[It] looks like the web-geniuses behind the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow site have a few other tricks up their sleeves, such as automatically replacing any use of the word “gay” with the word “homosexual” ... proper names are reformatted to meet their ridiculous standard ... sprinter Tyson Gay winning the 100 meters at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials ... [Read]

''They swore an oath when they made the application, but 'bride' and 'groom' are not defined in the law of Virginia.... Whether they were intending to deceive or not is not something we can get into their minds on." He added that "changes have been made to prevent that problem from happening again.'' Jack Fitzpatrick, spokesman for Newport News Commonwealth ... [Read]