Virginia female impersonators "pumped" with risky silicone procedures

Posted by JD Uy
July 27, 2008 6:56 PM |

''We call it 'pumping' because that's just a signature name that we came up with our own language. They get pumped because they want to enhance their body to look more convicing of a female.... What is the better illusion versus having to put on fake breasts, or fake hips, fake butt -- when you can have the alteration done? Now the way that we have them done is not the proper way to do it, but it's less costly so a lot of girls go to the route of doing bootleg silicone injections. The more convincing that you look as a female, you know, it increases your chances of looking better and doing better in a competition.... The national level pageants will give you more prestige in different places, and also the prize package is much higher.''

Vega Olivia Perry speaking on camera to the Virginian-Pilot about her problems with appearnce-enhancing silicone injections. [video] (

''The basic concept is that if you make people feel good about themselves, the more likely they are to protect themselves and take care of their bodies.... The reality is that many transgender people do not have doctors. They don't feel comfortable going to other routine providers. We want to create that safe feeling for them and eventually have them adopt Park Place Medical Center as their home."

Dr. Subir Vij, a doctor at the Park Place Clinic in Norfolk, VA that says for half a day on Friday's they provide care specifically for transgenders that includes hormone presciptions through a program that is funded by the Health Department and MAC cosmetics. (

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