Isis barely clears 2nd round on 'America's Next Top Model'; gives first live interview

Posted by JD Uy
September 11, 2008 5:31 AM |

"I guess I came into this experience knowing that everybody would have different views about it. So, because of that, and because I wasn't going to let it affect me, I just stayed focused, and whatever happened, happened.... Looking at it now, and seeing the things that I didn't hear, that's the only thing [I didn't expect].... Right now it's just the finances that's holding me back. Like I told Tyra, if I could have [gender reassignment surgery] right now -- four years ago, I would have.... I think the scariest part of it was going in front of the panel...."

Prince Georges County fashion model, Isis, the first MTF transgender contestant to appear on "America's Next Top Model," speaking with WGN-TV of Chicago for her first live television interview. (WGN-TV)

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