Gay marriage bans close to passing in both California and Florida say polls

Posted by JD Uy
October 8, 2008 6:46 PM |

''As a result of not being able to match dollar for dollar, we have seen a change.''

Geoff Kors, of Equality California, pleading for more funding for the fight against Proposition 8, a bill to be decided by voters on adding a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages again in that state. Anti-gay groups (mostly funded by Mormon, Catholic and evangelical organizations) have reportedly raised $25 million and pro-gay efforts have only raised $15.75 million. (LA Times)

''Polling on ballot measures in general is an inexact science, and polling on homosexuality in general is a tricky business. So, not too much should be made of the 5 points that separates 'Yes' and 'No' today.''

Conclusion of a survey by SurveyUSA that finds that 47% of California voters now say they will vote for Proposition 8 which is set to ban gay marriages again by adding to the California constitutions language that defines marriage as only between one man and one woman. 42% said they will vote No on the anti-gay amendment. (CBS 5)

''In other ballot amendment and initiative votes on gay rights issues taken in other states, undecided voters have generally broken strongly in the direction of the politically incorrect, anti-gay position.''

Bradford Coker, Managing Director of Mason-Dixon Polling and Research, concluding poll results on Florida's anti-gay marriage Amendment 2 will be adopted this November. Currently 55% plan to vote Yes, 34% say No, and 11% are Undecided. Constitutional amendments in Florida requite a 60% majority of voter approval. (WESH)

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