Gay marriage supporters point out family of "Bigots" who hang anti-gay marriage sign

Posted by JD Uy
October 20, 2008 10:30 PM |

''They just started calling us haters. Our children were around us. They started calling us haters. And all they really know of us is, they drove up to the street, we live across the street from a school. I have a big sign on my house. And that qualifies as bigotry.''

Bob Sunstrom speaking on camera to a CBS5 reporter. Sunstrom and his wife are homeowners in San Jose, CA, and proudly display a large yellow banner over their garage that declares: "Protect Marriage. YES on 8. It's about more than marriage!" He says the banner is a replacement for a smaller lawn sign that had been stolen earlier. In response, a "pair of people" apparently decided to challenge Sunstrom's views by with verbal taunts and then parked a large Suburban SUV in front of his home. The vehicle has messages written on the windows including: "No on 8. End the HATE. BIGOTS LIVE HERE -->" The couple says they will not touch the vehicle and police say the vehicle must be there at least 3 days before they can begin to do anything about it. (CBS5)

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