Prosperity preacher, Joel Osteen, declares Gay 'is a choice,' not deserving of marriage [video]

Posted by JD Uy
December 16, 2008 5:53 AM |

''I'm not for gay marriage. In the Bible -- I say that marriage is between a male and a female. Now, I don't know, I haven't read this new one that your talking about. I'm not against anybody. I'm not against gay people or anybody else. But I just think that my faith is based on the scripture, and that's what I see in the Bible that marriage is between a man and a woman.... I'm not sure I'm up to speed. What do you mean by that [marriage is a civil right]? .... I just don't think that's God's best.... I think that it is a choice. I think it's a choice. I can't say that I understand it all, but I think it's a choice.''

TV evangelist Joel Osteen responding to CNN's Larry King on the recent Newsweek article about gay marriage, whether he thinks gays deserve marriage, and whether he thinks being gay is a choice or not. His wife, Victoria, states that they have wonderful, nice gay people in their church, but they ''just don't believe in that.'' (Larry King Show)

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