Preacher Ted Haggard overload: New teen sex scandal, Talk shows interviews, new documentary

Posted by JD Uy
January 26, 2009 11:27 PM |

''It wasn't at all a settlement to make him be quiet or not tell his story. Our desire was to help him. Here was a young man who wanted to get on with his life. We considered it more compassionate assistance -- certainly not hush money. I know what's what everyone will want to say because that's the most salacious thing to say, but that's not at all what it was.... This decision was made not as an attempt to conceal wrongdoings, but to protect him from those who would seek to exploit him. His actions now suggest that he has changed his mind.''

Statements by Brady Boyd, head of the New Life Church, which came to fame as the former pulpit, Ted Haggard, the former Evangelical superstar preacher to millions of TV followers. It has come to be known over the last couple of days that another "young man" had a type of sexual relationship with the hetero-married Haggard before he was dismissed from the church. Apparently, he was being paid but Boyd here insist it was not "hush money." Haggard and New Life, like so many Evangelical churches, had a history of statements that were unfriendly to gay rights and homosexuality. (Associated Press)

"Although there was no physical contact, I have regretted my irresponsibile (sic) behavior."

A statement from Ted Haggard about his "inappropriate relationship" with another young man when he was head of New Life Church in the Evangelical capital of Colorado Springs, CO. Haggard is scheduled to appear on Larry King and Oprah in advance of a new HBO documentary by Alexandra Pelosi. (KTNV)

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