Tyra Banks show interviews Gay-for-Pay male porn actors & bartenders [video]

Posted by JD Uy
January 26, 2009 12:38 AM |
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''Porn is porn.... I say I'm straight, and I really am. I'm married, 3 kids.... I don't really get aroused for anybody but my, but, for my fans. Knowing that, in the back of my mind, that they're watching me -- if they want me to perform at my best, that gives me a little motivation.... I feel more in control [receiving]. When I work with another guy, I'm not comfortable necessarily giving compared to receiving, because, I don't know. I feel like, it's easy for me to do, and I can do it and at least feel like I'm having a good time without being gay.''

A somewhat uncomfortable straight man, Kurt Wild, responding to Tyra Bank's question phrased as a hilarious euphemism of whether he prefers giving or receiving presents at Christmas. Wild gained attention last year when he fired from his job at a Subway restaurant because a customer complained that he worked in gay porn. He says that he can get 10 times more making gay porn than straight porn. (Tyra Banks via YouTube)

''I want to set something straight. A lot of people say that gay men are ''freakier'' than straight men.... It's not true. A man is a man. And a man is just nasty. Just freakier than girls. I just want to set that straight. I think that's really good.''

Talk show host Tyra Banks catching a save after she asked a straight bartender, Corey, what the craziest thing was that ever happened to him working in a gay bar. He recounted a man with a boot fetish who plopped $100 down on the bar then grabbed his boot and licked the bottom of it three times. The in-studio audience reacted with revulsion at his tale. (Tyra Banks Show via YouTube)

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