Moscow police forcibly arrests gay rights seekers [video]

Posted by JD Uy
May 17, 2009 3:07 AM |

''Today, they are not only fighting for lesbian and gay freedom here in Russia. They are also fighting for the soul of Russian democracy.... If the right to assembly is taken away from gay and lesbian people here in Russia, then other Russians have to fear for their own freedom.''

A man who identified himself as Andy Thayer of the Gay Liberation Network in Chicago, speaking calmly with reporters in Moscow as he was being pulled away by the city's police. (via YouTube)

''They were detained not for breaking the law, but as a warning that holding events unsanctioned by the authorities is unacceptable. After a cautionary talk and establishing all their identities, the detainees will be released.''

A Moscow police spokesperson explaining the reason why police quickly descended on a bold gay rights rally held in that city. Activists had hoped that gay-supportive attendees of the Eurovision song contest would join them in an unapproved Pride Parade. It is reported that authorities in Moscow did approve of anti-gay protesters that gathered in other areas of the city, and that the Mayor has repeated referred to gays as "satanic." (UPI)

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