.gay: Should gay sites be offered a new top-level domain?

Posted by JD Uy
August 24, 2009 2:56 PM |

''The gay community will benefit. The gay community has roughly 15 million members in the United States and tens of millions world wide. Millions of internet websites are targeted on the gay community. A well managed top level domain .gay will help to connect the gay end user and those who try to reach out to him.''

An explanation of why a group is trying to petition for a new top-level domain (eg. *.com, *.edu, *.travel) called *.gay. They say Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is going to open up to the possibility of hundreds of new TLDs, and applications for suggestions are to be accepted in 2010. While it is said to be regulated in some way, it is not clear how gay-positive sites only would be given such addresses or how they would remain gay-positive sites once the ownership relapses or is sold. (dotgay.com)

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