Protest erupts as Anchorage's new mayor vetoes hard-fought gay equality ordinance

Posted by JD Uy
August 18, 2009 5:59 AM |

''We didn't seem to find any homeless people that were homeless because they're gay or lesbian, or folks that were denied loans because they're gay or lesbian or folks who were denied jobs.''

Jim Minnery of the Alaska Family Council on his winning influence over Dan Sullivan, Republican Mayor of Anchorage Alaska, to get him to veto a equal rights ordinance passed by the city's Assembly in a 7-4 vote. Unfortunately, 8 votes are needed to enact the ordinance which would have added sexual-orientation to the city's current anti-discrimination law. The Mayor stated that he personally didn't see any evidence of discrimination and that his office was inundated with calls and e-mails opposing the ordinance 4-1. Supporters of the law say there does not exist any effective structure for gay and lesbian people to file legitimate discrimination complaints, so then, obviously, the mayor can say he hasn't seen any. (KTUU)

''I sat through several other testimonies session and I listened and I sat with my brother through one and he had to leave because he was physically ill from the things people were calling him.''

Susan Case, one of the hundreds of people who reportedly were angered by Mayor Dan Sullivan of Alaska who chose to veto an Assembly-approved ordinance that would have added "sexual-orientation" to the city's existing anti-discrimination ordinance. (KTVA)

''This ordinance was going to force small-business owners particularly to accommodate people who choose a certain lifestyle. Once you give special rights to homosexuals then the next step is you legalize homosexual marriage and so forth.''

Jerry Prevo, a Baptist preacher in Anchorage who apparently helped to influence Republican Mayor Dan Sullivan to veto the addition of ''sexual orientation'' through an ordinance passed by the city's Assembly. It is reported that Sullivan just began his term in office last month, and that his father, George Sullivan, was also the mayor of Achorage, and that he vetoed the the first equal rights guarantee for gays back in 1976. (NY Times)

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