Alabama judge faces over 80 felony charges of forcing sex with male prisoners

Posted by JD Uy
October 5, 2009 7:27 PM |

''A big bunch of bullsh*t that ain't going nowhere... Isn't it amazing to you they're all saying the same thing, Isn't it amazing? You know, these are uneducated people using words like 'confidential information' and so on.''

Robert "Cowboy Bob" Clark, defense attorney for Alabama Judge Herman Thomas who is accused of abusing several male inmates in his office by paddle "spanking" and other intimate sexual manners. His trial began this week and ought to make spectacular headlines as details come forth, though several charges were dismissed today by the judge hearing the trial since they fell outside the statue of limitations. (Fox10)

''Everyone thought he had a lot of concern for people who got into criminal difficulty. All of this was a surprise to everyone.''

Braxton Kittrell, a retired Mobile County Circuit Judge, who remains dumbfounded along with most people who knew Judge Herman Thomas. According to the AP, 15 inmates are set to testify against Judge Thomas, who legal license is said to have been suspended. His trial began today, and he is alleged by the inmates to have checked them out of prison, taken them to his office and paddled some of them for sexual gratification as well as engaged in oral and anal sex in exchange for leniency on their sentences. (Associated Press)

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