Donny Osmond kisses gay ''Dancing'' judge, Bruno [video]

Posted by JD Uy
October 6, 2009 5:07 AM |

''I don't think they're gonna let me back in Utah anymore!''

Donny Osmond, one of the world's most famous Mormon entertainers, speaking to the audience after kissing ''Dancing with the Stars'' gay judge, Bruno Tonioli. The judge of the popular celebrity dance competition told Osmond with limp-wristed accent that his rhumba performance looked "pretty, a bit Swan Lake, a bit airy fairy at times.'' The audience chuckled at the gay judge saying someone else behaved like a "fairy." Osmond played it for laughs by kissing "Bruno" on the cheek. Bruno then egged him on saying, "Turn to the Dark Side," to which Osmond embraced him with mock passion once, and then again, bending Bruno backwards over the judges' desk. And, to top off all that action, the show's host next turned to highlight two actors in the audience that play a gay couple on ABC's new comedy program, ''Modern Family,'' Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet. (Dancing with the Stars)

The Donny-Bruno exchange was a light-hearted moment that made fun of the Mormon Church's obsessive involvement in the political battle against gay marriage. Donny's famous sister Marie, who also competed on the show a few seasons ago, made headlines this past May when she revealed that her daughter was a lesbian. Bruno has a web-only program at called ''Show and Tell'' where gay celebrities learn new dance moves. ''DWTS'' previously featured openly gay N*Sync singer Lance Bass. And, tonight, Queen Latifa is set to perform on results show.  (

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