Dolly Parton comments on gay marriage, preacher Joel Osteen's anti-gay comments [video]

Posted by JD Uy
November 13, 2009 9:07 PM |

''I think it's because they know that I'm different, too, and it took a long time fore me to be accepted. And I think that they just kind of relate to that. And, plus, a lot of my gay guy friends love to dress up or they're very sensitive and very creative, and I think they relate to that side of me, as well. But I think they just appreciate the fact that I just love everybody for who they are. We don't -- we're not supposed to try to change people. We should allow people to be who they are, and love them as they are.... I always say, 'Well, sure! Why can't they get married? They should suffer like the rest of us, too.' ... Well, I don't really get into talking this [religious] issue to those degrees. But I don't want to talk about [Joel Osteen]. I don't want to talk about them. But like I said, I think God made us who we are and how we are. And I don't think that if he was a religious person, he wouldn't be judging people.

Country singer, songwriter, and actress Dolly Parton talking with Joy Behar's new show about her gay fans, her thoughts about how her background influences her thoughts on gay marriage, and answering a viewer's question about prosperity televangelist Joel Osteen who recently said again that gays are ''not God's best.'' (Joy Behar SHow /CNN)

''We have -- everybody's welcome. Gays and straights and all different religions. You know, I believe they're all welcome, but I come back to what I believe the scripture teaches is that homosexuality is not God's best. And so, I come from that value system of the Scripture. I can't pick and choose. I love everybody. I can't say I don't have friends that are gay. They're some of the nicest people in the world.... I don't believe God would create you against something he tells you not to be. You know I don't understand it all.... I do [try to accept them] but I try to share what I believe is God's best for us.... I do think he has a best plan for everyone of our lives. We all make mistakes, I've made mistakes, but I believe if you stay in faith, if you have the heart to do what's right, then God will still get you to where you're supposed to be.''

Feel-good prosperity preacher Joel Osteen repeating that he thinks gay men and lesbians are not living their lives the right way. In April he said marriage is only between a man and a woman. His technique of answering questions about gay people is to say he welcomes them all but, then says he doesn't understand everything, but that the Bible definitely looks down on gay and lesbian relationships and sexuality. Whoopi Goldberg seemed annoyed at his answer asking if it's possible that God doesn't necessarily have "a best" and Joy Behar followed saying if God has a best, and God made gays the way they are but that they're making a mistake by being gay, then there is a conundrum in his logic. (The View via YouTube)

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