More complaints filed against police officer for harassing drivers in Chicago's gay Boystown area

Posted by JD Uy
November 13, 2009 6:51 AM |

''I thought that it was just a bad situation. The fact that I was just let go, and if I was intoxicated, and I couildn't drive, why was I instructed to leave and go home?''

Lex Leaks, one of the many plaintiffs filing a lawsuit against Chicago police officer Richard Fiorito. Many have accused Fiorito of harassing drivers for no particular reason who are in "Boystown," a favorite area of gay bar patrons in East Lakeview. Some dash-cam video from Fiorito appears to conflict with the officer's report of one June incident that someone was swerving near parked cars, but no such image appears on the video. These latest plaintiffs are in addition to several that filed earlier this year, and since then, it is reported that Fiorito has been assigned a desk job. (MSNBC)

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