Elvis Stojko: Controversy over "powerful" skating not "gayness;" Rudy Galindo: Most skaters not gay

Posted by JD Uy
February 21, 2010 2:59 PM |

''People in the gay community have to realize they've got to take themselves out of it. It's not against anybody. I've been getting heat for this, but there are people behind me saying that they appreciate it. It's about what people can identify with when they're watching the sport. It doesn't have anything to do with gayness. Effeminate men can identify with effeminate skating. Masculine men can't identify with that.... Johnny Weir's not my style of skating, but he's a talented skater -- otherwise he wouldn't have been on the podium at world's. Everyone is putting focus on Johnny, of course, because he stands out.... As a male skater I don't want to be considered a beautiful skater. I want to be a strong skater.''

Elvis Stojko speaking with Salon.com about his role in the anti-effeminate controversy that helped ignite last year. He says he was annoyed in school when people called him ''twinkle toes.'' (Salon.com)

''I've only come across, like, two skaters that are gay, and a lot of them that I know that are touring with me on 'Champions on Ice' are all basically straight. I mean, they're married, they have wives, they have children... the ones I tour with now are basically 98 percent straight.... Isn't it funny? The two Russian boys [Plushenko and gold medal winner Alexei Yagudin] are straight, I know that for sure. But you wouldn't think that with the costuming and the emotions that come out after the performance.''

Professional skater Rudy Galindo remarking on the rather homophobic cloud that hangs over male figure skating, and efforts by broadcasters and others invested in the sport to make it appear more butch and heterosexual. Galindo says he has no regrets about coming out publicly as both gay, but is surprised by the fact that no others have done so after he "paved the way." (Salon.com)

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