Teen lover turns on gay Mayor: Beau Breedlove wants Sam Adams out of office

Posted by JD Uy
April 6, 2010 7:28 AM |

''While working on the Sam Adams Recall Campaign, the most common response I get from people who do not want to sign the petition is 'All politicians lie.' Are you serious? Are you seriously that far in denial that you cannot realize the difference between political promises or twisted words, and flat out lies and deception?... Just two weeks ago I was collecting signatures at the Portland Saturday Market, when an older gay couple, probably in their 60's, approached me and yelled, saying 'You should be ashamed of yourself!' and 'You're an enemy to gays!'. So I asked them why I should be 'ashamed' of myself, and do you know what their answer was? 'Because Sam is our first Gay mayor, and we need a Gay mayor!'''

Beau Breedlove writing on his personal public blog about Sam Adams, the gay mayor of Portland, and the reasons why he wants Adams to be removed from office. At 17, Breedlove became involved in an amorous relationship with Adams, but both men say nothing sexual happened while he was under the age of 18. While running for the office, Adams denied accusations of a relationship with the teen, but in January of 2009, after being elected, he did admit to misguiding voters. Breedlove said at that time that he did not feel he was a victim who was being taken advantage of. (Beau Breedlove)

''I haven't turned on him, he turned on me.... It takes a lot for me to be able to come out and be public about the way I feel, and try stand up for what I believe in, when I get hate mail every day from people.... I have no interest in talking to him ever.... In reality, I was made out to be the enemy of the City of Portland, when I wasn't the one who lied in order to get elected. I was 17, I made some bad choices in deciding to engage in a relationship and a friendship with Adams. But in reality, he was the one who was in his 40s and the adult in the situation. And I never felt like a victim, until the end when he continued to lie and throw me under the bus.''

Beau Breedlove at a recent public rally to have Mayor Sam Adams of Portland recalled from office. A first recall attempt failed, and this second attempt to gather signatures appears to be falling short as well. Breedlove says that the two only kissed before he turned 18, which probably means that nothing explicitly illegal occurred. Adams became the first gay person to be elected mayor of a large American city. Breedlove has said that Adams should step down, in part, because he is a bad role model for the gay community. (Newsradio 750 KXL)

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