Tennesee high school student sent home for too "Gay Gay" t-shirt

Posted by JD Uy
April 9, 2010 1:14 PM |

''She said I had to remove the shirt, that it was going to cause disruption in the school.... I just think my sexuality isn't widely accepted around here, so of course they are going to single me out.''

Cole Goforth telling WSMV-TV the reason he was sent home to change his shirt that read ''I [rainbow heart] Lady Gay Gay''-- a take off on the name of singer Lady Gaga. Julie Gordon, mother of the make-up wearing, 15-year-old Greenbrier High School student, appears to fully support her son's freedom of expression, saying that school officials said he would fit in just fine if ''he wore this in California.'' Greenbrier is located in Robertson County, TN. A representative for the school board says some ''disruptions'' and ''incidents'' had occurred recently, and that the shirt could have ''escalated'' the unspecified situations. The reporter emphasizes that no disciplinary action was taken against Goforth, he was just asked to change his shirt, and that the teen had worn t-shirts with gay wording previously. (WSMV)

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