Jane Lynch, Cynthia Nixon weigh in on "gay actors vs. Newsweek" controversy

Posted by JD Uy
May 18, 2010 10:34 PM |
''I applaud everybody's right to say what they thing. And I think, you don't have to agree with him. And I don't.... I play straight people all the time and nobody's upset about it.''

Actress Jane Lynch taking a free speech, middle-of-the-road approach to the opinion piece written by Ramin Setoodeh for Newsweek last month. A controversy boiled over when he wrote that Sean Hayes and other actors cannot convincingly play straight because a viewer's will never get passed the real-world fact that they're watching a gay actor playing straight. Lynch's associates at the television show "Glee" voiced strong criticism of Setoodeh, including creator Ryan Murphy and actress Kristin Chenoweth. A key point of frustration for many has been the fact that Setoodeh is openly gay. (CBS News)

''I think it's horrible! ... I just feel like it's hard enough to encourage people to come out of the closet, like it's not going to damage their careers. And when you have someone who is so ... it's not even like he's negative, he's making fun of people in a really cruel way. I think it's really set us back 10 years.''

Cynthia Nixon of "Sex and the City'' sharing her opinon of the "gays can't play straight" article that appeared in Newsweek in late April. Nixon is currently engaged to Christine Marinoni. (MTV)

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