Grandmother spends $226.32 at Target, returns everything as protest against anti-gay Emmer [video]

Posted by JD Uy
July 28, 2010 6:12 PM |

''I shared with her, why I had bought each item, who they were for, and why that person wouldn't have wanted me to buy them at a Target. A number of the items were for my grandchildren, and they love their Uncle Jake so much, and Jake is gay.And they wouldn't want to have things from a store that contributes to a campaign that would have a governor candidate with the anti-gay views that Tom Emmer has.... I love the people in my life. I love them more than any thing that I can buy in this store. I'm going to boycott Target until they make this right.''

From a video posted by The Uptake that features edited footage of a woman, Randi Reitan, who purchases $226.32 from a Target store in Eden Prarie, Minnesota. She leaves the store, then immediately takes the purchases back and cuts up her Target credit card which was used to make the purchases. She appears to be protesting the news that Target has contributed to MN Forward, a business-promoting PAC that is supporting the campaign of a gubenatorial candidate, Tom Emmer. He has expressed socially conservative views against equality for gay people, claiming he "protects" marriage. It was revealed yesterday that other Minnesota-based companies, like Best Buy, also contributed as much as $100,000 to the same PAC. In some online discussions about the matter, gay rights supporters are displaying shock and dismay that these favored retailers would be associated with such a controversial candidate. (The Uptake)

"I was just shocked.... You can't have it both ways and say that you support diversity and you honor and embrace your gay employees and then give $150,000 to the most anti-gay candidate running for governor.... They can't take the money back now but at least they could give a matching amount to a [gay rights group]."

Randi Reitan, the featured subject of a viral online video that shows her taking on her local Target in Minnesota. She says she will now go to her local grocery store after Target donated money and consulting to a political organization, MN Forward, that is supporting an conservative candidate with views that are not supportive of gay rights. Reitan is a very active supporter who has written about her gay son, Jake, on Huffington Post and also appeared in the documentary, "For the Bible Tells Me So'' to tell her family's story. (ABC News)

See the Reitan family's story (6:00 - 9:00) in this excerpt from "For the Bible Tell Me So."

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