"Bachelor" Jake Pavelka is a sensitive "Southern guy" -- not gay (but his friend is)

Posted by JD Uy
August 5, 2010 5:12 AM |

''What she's talking about is intimacy within our relationship. And there was a lack of intimacy because her problems were so heavy. And I can't separate love and intimacy. I guess that's the Southern guy in me, and apparently that makes me gay.... No, ab -- no. It's not true. No, I'm not. [Joy Behar: Would you like to be?] No. I have absolutely nothing --. You know, one of my best friends is gay.  I just can't see how somebody can look at you [Elizabeth Hasselback] and and not be attracted.''

Jake Pavelka appearing on the ABC talk show, The View, to discuss his controversial appearance on "The Bachelor" reality show. Here he tackles accusations that he would only be intimate with his TV show girlfriend, Vienna Girardi, while the cameras were rolling. He also has been accused by other women of possibly being gay, because allegedly lost interest in them fairly quickly. He laughed at the notion of being gay, however none of the women on the panel did so in return -- apparently waiting for an honest answer, or perhaps for him to hang himself with his own words. Hardly any of the attention-craving couples created by the show's dating contest format have stayed together after the cameras stopped taping. (ABC / The View via YouTube)

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