Cleveland, OH groups fighting over control of Gay Games 2014 [video]

Posted by JD Uy
August 4, 2010 11:32 AM |

''Nothing like this , in this exact circumstance has ever happened to my knowledge, and I don’t see it as an impediment in the future. There are always challenges and we always get through them.''

Kelly Stevens of the Federation of Gay Games, discussing a split between the Cleveland Synergy Foundation and the leadership of the international Gay Games. WKSU reports that the the leadership broke ties with Synergy a month ago. Synergy claims that they have a legal contract that will continue to allow them control of the Games. Stevens says that a ceremonial flag will be given to the Chief of Government Affairs of Cleveland, Valarie McCall, while Synergy claims their organization will receive it at the close of Gay Games 2010, which is taking place now in Cologne, Germany. Washington, DC made a strong bid for the Games a year ago, but lost to Cleveland as was announced in September 2009.  (WKSU)

''We don’t know who will get the license. All the partners are still at the table, except for Synergy.... FGG wanted to know if Cleveland still wanted to host the Games. Of course the answer was yes.''

Valarie McCall, the Chief of Government Affairs of Cleveland, OH, speaking with Gay People's Chronicle about some developments with the city's plans to host Gay Games 2014. Controversy has erupted after the Federation of Gay Games made a decision to sever ties with Cleveland Synergy Foundation, a committee that was to oversee the process. There is, reportedly, some talk of other organizations taking over, including the Sports Commission. The Games are expected to be a huge deal for the city, which reportedly has had significant financial struggles in recent years. (Gay People's Chronicle)

''The Cleveland Synergy Foundation has met all of its commitments to the Federation of Gay Games. We look forward to quickly resolving any questions the Federation may have, and moving forward in the same spirit of teamwork and collaboration that won the Games for Cleveland + Akron.''

Jeff Axberg of the Cleveland Synergy Foundation speaking with the Cleveland Plain Dealer two weeks ago. (

And just because..., here's video of an emotional Taylor Dayne performing the theme song of Gay Games 2010.

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