"Dr. Laura" Schlessinger: I never called anybody [gay] a "biological error"

Posted by JD Uy
August 20, 2010 7:52 AM |

''I never called anybody a biological error. What I said, very clearly -- and to GLAAD's credit they put it on their website -- I said, gays and lesbians have as much compassion, intelligence, ability, warmth as anybody else -- comma -- the inability to sexually match up male and female is a biological error. That's it. I didn't say people were a biological error. I said male parts and female parts make babies. I was talking biologically. The interesting thing is that gay groups have made the point that it's not a moral issue, it's a biological issue. I was really supporting their point of view.''

Laura Schlessinger, a radio talk show host, speaking with The Hollywood Reporter. In this interview she claims marriage is a "sacred" situation reserved for men and women, and that she only supports domestic partnerships for the gays. She also claims to have had dinner with both a black friend and a gay friend this week. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Schlessinger offers her fans a rather harsh brand of "advice" that typically revolves around conservative religious ideas of family and relationships. She has been known to tell people that they do "stupid things" and also castigate them for "shacking up." She instructed one gay teen to say to his parents, "by and large gay relationships are not like marriages, with commitment, they're usually more temporary and sexual.''  Schlessinger does not support gay marriage, and has long been criticized for her perceived views about homosexuality. In 2000 she was hounded by gay rights supporters when she tried to launch a televised program. That show did air briefly but, reportedly, it found insufficient advertisers due to the controversy, and it was taken off the air quickly.

This past week, Schlessinger made some extremely insenstive comments to an African-American woman, and people across the nation expressed their disgust. She repeatedly used the "N-word" to mock language used by black entertainers, called the interracially-married woman "hypersensitive" on race issues, demanded that the woman not "NAACP" her, and finally advised the woman to not to marry anyone outside of her race.

Later, Schlessinger announced on the Larry King Show that she would not renew her radio show when her contract ends (later this year). Then she added that she thinks her First Amendments Rights need to be reclaimed. Apparently, Schlessinger believes "special interest groups" who disagree with what she espouses are successfully reducing the numbers of companies that will advertise with her show. It's not clear how she connects that diminishment of her commercial value to her rights of religion, speech, assembly, or right to petition the government.

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