NOM rally: Gay marriage is like runaway cars and contaminated peanut butter [video]

Posted by JD Uy
August 4, 2010 3:32 AM |

''This is not about hate.... Recently, there was a series of cars that were recalled by a manufacturer because gas pedals would supposedly take off, and people were injured. Would it be hateful to tell someone that they had a car that was recalled, even though they might be embarasssed? Because their car's 'cool,' they were 'hip,' they were doing the 'in thing!' Or is it more loving to tell a man, 'I hate to tell you, you might have that checked. You're in danger?'

''We recalled peanut butter because it's dangerous. And if you were sitting across a table from someone, and you knew they were eating contaminated food that would do them bodily harm. Would it be more loving to keep your mouth shut, or to speak up.... Stopping someone from hurting themselves and hurting society is not hateful.''

Tamara Scott of Concerned Women of America, a political group dedicated to socially conservative causes. Scott was captured on video making a speech for the National Organization for Marriage's tour bus stop in Des Moines, IA. In it, Scott declares that the CWA & NOM's fight against same-sex marriage equality is a Biblical battle. She then uses some fantastically large statistics borrowed from the Family Research Council to link Washington's financial problems to the proliferatoin of families that are not comprised of one man and one woman. She also claims that other CWA reps who campaigned against gay marriage in Maine faced ridicule and hatred, and alleges that their children were threatened. She even creates a straw man argument that "Saturday Night Live" will, in her imaginanary world, might make fun of her for spreading her side's ridiculous thoughts. (NOMTourTracker via YouTube

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