George Takei tells how gay marriage changed his life

Posted by JD Uy
August 15, 2010 8:49 AM |

''What they argued,  when Prop 8 was passed two years ago, was "religion" -- and they're still arguing that. And I respect their right to their religion. But we have many, many faiths in this state and this country. and no faith has the right to write their religious beliefs into civil law. That's what we're talking about, civl law....''

''What it did [for Brad and me] -- I think it affected the people that we know, acquaintances, more when introducing us, there was some awkwardness in introducing us as a couple.... Now they introduce Brad as my husband or me as Brad's husband because it is legal. I think legality adds a whole different standard to our relationship.''

''The other argument that the proponents of Prop 8 used was "tradition" -- it's "traditional marriage.'' Well, there was a time when we would not allow inter[racial]-marriage. My mother's youngest sister is married to a Caucasian man, but they could not have gotten married in California at that time because it was against tradition.... Traditions change.''

''Last week, I did a 'Star Trek' convention in Las Vegas, and when I talked about our marriage -- thunderous applause! ... None [of the negative feedback e-mails] stick out. They're all very alike, very similar. It's all, 'The bible this,' and, 'Tradition that.' ...  It's not worth responding to. They will pay attention to current events, and ultimately they will be educated. Because that's the same kind of letters that my aunt got when she got married to my uncle.''

George Takei, out gay, Japanese-American actor best known for his roles in the original "Star Trek" TV show and more recently for a role on "Heroes." He married his husband Brad Altman two years ago while same-sex marriage was briefly legal in California. (Joy Behar Show)

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