Queen Latifah photos rekindle hopes that Jeanette Jenkins is more than a friend

Posted by JD Uy
August 10, 2010 5:08 AM |

Singer Queen Latifah and Jeannette Jenkins are seen having relaxing on Alicia Key's yacht.

''[Queen Latifah] is clearly enjoying her time in France, happy to share a hug with her friend and fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins on the deck of a luxury yacht in the Med.... Queen and her female companion had travelled to Corsica last week for the wedding of singer Alicia Keys to her long time boyfriend music producer Swizz Beatz.''

From the UK news site The Daily Mail which published a series of photos showing Queen Latifah aboard a luxury boat with her friend Jeanette Jenkins. In 2008, Latifah told the New York Times that she had a problem discussing her personal life publicly. News that Latifah and Jenkins share ownership of a property appeared in May. And most recently, she joked at the BET Awards about being see in the "company of fine women.'' Other online blogs are saying that she has "come out" with these photos, but there's no specific indication of that. (Daily Mail photos)

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