Anti-gay FRC takes on Amtrak; while Oliver North link gay soliders to Christians using porn [video]

Posted by JD Uy
August 3, 2010 2:12 PM |
''Most all of the major airlines, hotels and others in the travel and tourism industry target the LGBT market segment … Amtrak ’s goal is to raise the level of awareness of the benefits of train travel and increase consideration and ridership amongst this segment.''

Darlene Abudakar, described by the Daily Caller as the director of national advertising for Amtrak. The train company announced recently that it would be courting LGBT travelers. (Daily Caller)

'''For the first time in the train's history, Amtrak has decided to spend a quarter-million dollars recruiting gay passengers... This is a government-run business, meaning that the $250,000 comes directly out of taxpayers' pockets.... a federal endorsement of homosexuality--one of, if not the, biggest threats to public health in America. And funding that message of perversion on the backs of Americans who disagree is an insult. Now it's obvious why Washington is targeting this tiny population--because it happens to be one of the richest.''
Tony Perkins in a press release from Family Research Council, the very rich and politically active religious organization that regularly denounces all things gay, complaining about Amtrak's planned ad campaign for the LGBT community. (FRC)
''I've seen these kids who come from your background of home schooling, and Christian education, who came in the military. And they take out a copy of the good book, instead of porn, when they're out there on a mission. And those youngsters are not going to come into a military where they'be been told, by order, that homosexuals can come in. Mom's and dads are not going to come. So the immediate effect: recruiting.''
Oliver North, 66, the former Iran-Contra scandal marine commander and failed Virginia political candidate, who now spends his days as a socially-conservative commentator. He was appearing as part of a promotional video for the Family Research Council to speak against the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. (via TheAlyonaShow)

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