Ann Coulter speaks to gay Republican conference; Social humor draws mixed response

Posted by JD Uy
September 26, 2010 8:07 AM |

''The people who get gay jokes are gays... Out of sweetness [Christian audiences] don’t laugh at the gay jokes.''

''[Marriage] is not a civil right – you're not black.... Blacks must be looking at the [wealthy] gays saying, 'Why can’t we be oppressed like that?'''

Loosely relayed remarks from Ann Coulter, a politically conservative commentator, as she addressed a group of gay Republicans in New York. The event was titled "Homocon." Politico reports that her comments drew a mixed reaction from conservative leaning attendees, and "nervous laughter" accompanied her button-pushing humor. (Politico)

Coulter's appearance at the conference has drawn strong critical reactions from the far right for appearing to support homosexuality, and also from progressives who wonder why any gay people would admire someone like Coulter who stands against gay marriage, insults gay rights supporters, and has openly used gay slurs to punctuate her remarks about figures like John Edward. Coulter, for her part, has stated that her appearance does not mean she condones what the "Homocon"
attendees believe, because she gives speeches in front of a wide variety of audiences -- friendly and unfriendly. College campuses, she said, often being the latter.

''I don't agree with Ann Coulter about gay marriage, but there was a real conversation here. That's what we're trying to start.... We want people to see that it isn't 'us versus them.'''

Jimmy LaSalvia of the gay Republican group GOProud speaking with TPMDC about Ann Coulter's appearance at "Homocon." The reporter from TPMDC, Megan Carpentier, characterized Coulter's appearance a the event as drawing mixed reactions. Carpentier echoed Politico's observation that Coulter's racially-tinged commentary was bothersome to some attendees. She reported that, instead of sticking to fiscal conservatism, Coulter launched into a tirade against social issues like abortion, welfare, and sex education (because most parents didn't want their children to lean about the "homosexual lifestyle" and "fisting"). She also seems to have remarked that marriage is for heterosexuals only because they can procreate. (Talking  Points Memo)

Video of the event (posted by JoeMyGod) shows Michael Lucas (a gay, adult video producer) complimenting Coulter's humor, then asking her to say (for the sake of her socially conservative base) that being gay is not a choice. Lucas appears to be interrupted by an event moderator. Her reply is, "I'm not answering until you give him money." The angle of the video only reveals a small number of attendants.

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