DE Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell's odd gay relations [video]

Posted by JD Uy
September 18, 2010 5:27 AM |

''to all my friends and family..thank you ... for the wisdom to see through the insane lies that were being tossed around, and still will be, i supose. ... and support of my sister,no matter what lies were made up about her...oh.. p.s. haave you heard the latest? she's homophobic... gotta laugh''

From a Mother Jones report about Christine O'Donnell and her allegedly lesbian sister, Jennie O'Donnell. This quote is said to be from Jennie's Facebook account, and Mother Jones describes her as the "polar opposite" of Christine, who is running to be the next US Senator from Delaware. (Mother Jones)

Christine O'Donnell ran an organization called The SALT at which she said to have championed a number of religiously oppressive views regarding homosexuality, abstinence, abortion, pornography and masturbation. She recently beat the Republican incumbent in that state and is set to run against a Democrat in the November general election. 

''What helped me really come to grips was that her sister is an open lesbian and was living in L.A. and was in a long-term relationship and was working with a youth organization.... By hanging out with her, I saw, wow, she has a pretty normal life.''

Christine O'Donnell's promotion of the ex-gay movement was covered this week after Wade Richards, a former spokeman for O'Donnell's SALT, came forward to denounce her and his misrepresentative work to promoter her views. Richards now says he was a confused gay man who entered into ex-gay therapy, then joined SALT to become O'Donnell's tagalong example of how one can pray the gay away. Later, Richards realized that all his effort to not be gay by denouncing homosexuality did not work. He says he went back to his friend O'Donnell to tell her of his realization. Now she will no longer speak with him. (The Daily Beast)

Rachel Maddow showed a video that Richards recently created to alert the public to the truth about Christine O'Donnell:

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