Margaret Cho reveals pressures of "Dancing With the Stars" [video]

Posted by JD Uy
September 22, 2010 3:35 PM |

''The energy here is tense. I am now just in my trailer trying to not panic and think about later. I am not so freaked out about being judged. I have been judged so much my whole life.... I just feel bad that Louis’ fate hangs in the balance too. The dancers get paid from week to week – the longer they survive, the more pay they have to count on.... [But] its hard to focus, thinking about how bummed out my parents seemed last night with the judges’ scores. This show means everything to my parents. It’s like the biggest thing for them. They don’t want to say anything, because it’s such a big deal. I know they are freaking out but are totally silent because they want me to succeed so badly but they aren’t sure how to help me. I keep trying to tell them that no matter what happens it will be ok but you should see them – it’s so heartbreaking."

Comedian Margaret Cho writing on her personal blog about the low score she received as a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars." The judges reactions ranged from "A very bold choice" to "What the hell was that?" She danced a Viennese Waltz with a rather intense look on her face, and got caught up in the golden "wings" of her dress (on purpose), then struggled to get on her feet at the end -- all planned for comedic effect. However the judges and many viewers did not feel that Cho was properly tackling the challenges in the context of a dance competition. She tied for last place with David Hasselhoff and "The Situation." Many expected Cho to be the first to go, but in the end, it was Hasselhoff who the audience of callers voted for the least. (

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