Pennsylvania high school students accidentally shown gay pornography

Posted by JD Uy
September 14, 2010 10:34 PM |

''As preparations were made for the representative of the Central Blood Bank to show a Power Point Presentation, a few pornographic pictures that were on the representative's flash drive was briefly viewed by members of our Senior Class.... The North Huntingdon Township Police Department and the District Attorney's Office have been contacted and an investigation of the incident is currently underway.''

Part of a letter sent from Norwin High School officials to the parents of students which explains the embarassing incident that occurred during a senior student assembly. (WPXI)

''Frontal male nudity. And there was one with two people in there, but it was from the back.''

Ethan Dobranski, a senior who attends Norwin High School in Pennsylvania, describing images that were shown to students briefly. A speaker from the area's Central Blood Bank was reportedly showing the students a PowerPoint presentation about the importance of donating blood. But, unexpectedly, it seems he accidentally displayed some adult sexual material on screen for several moments. Several students have said the nude images were all of male subjects. (WTAE, video via YouTube) (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

''I don't think he knew that that was on there at the time, and he was truly embarassed.... He was just shocked. He put his hand on the stage and covered his head. He was so ashamed of himself for having that.''

Dan Jones, another Norwin High School senior talking to WTAE TV 4 from Pittsburgh about what he and some 400 other students witnessed at a high school presentation. It is being reported that the unidentified male speaker has been suspended. He allegedly used a personal flash drive to do the presentation. Policies to prevent such an event were not followed. (WTAE, video via YouTube) (KDKA)

An unrelated but similar incident occured in 2008 at an art teacher' class in Florida.


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