Gay college student responds to personal attacks from Andrew Shirvell, Michigan's Assistant AG [video]

Posted by JD Uy
October 7, 2010 9:21 AM |

''Given what’s happened in the past week, and given the suicides that have happened in the past few weeks, it’s been, it’s been – it’s hard not to say something .... It's been a personal issue in a lot of ways. I've dealt with it.... It was certainly surprising. I honestly can't speak for a lot of things that were said because they weren't my words. I understand that the things that were said were not my issues. Bullying at large says more about the person who's saying them rather than themselves.''

Chris Armstrong, the student president of the University of Michigan. Here he tells Anderson Cooper of CNN how he's been dealing with Andrew Shirvell, the Assistant Attorney General for the state of Michigan.(AC360 on CNN)

Shirvell admitted on AC360 that he has been after Armstrong who he seems to label as a racist Nazi with a radical homosexual agenda. Some casual observers of this first unpolished, televised statement by the Armstrong think Shirvell should be fired for concocting such an over-the-top characterization that the young student representative is some kind of powerful, political monster who must be stopped. Shirvell had created a blog to post numerous rants, had appeared on campus with a protest sign, had copied Facebook posts by Armstrong and his friends, and even videotaped outside of Armstrong's home. Shirvell has been banned from the university campus for harassing Armstrong. And, it has been reported, the Assistant Attorney General will face an administrative hearing when he returns from his paid leave of absence.

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