Michigan's Asst. Attorney General calls gay college student 'Satanic' as they head to court today [video]

Posted by JD Uy
October 25, 2010 9:36 AM |

UPDATE: Chris Armstrong dropped his Personal Protection Order request against Andrew Shirvell, explaining to the court that Shirvell has not contacted him since he went on personal leave. Shirvell's lawyer says the two legal teams had discussed the matter and he claims that Armstrong did not want to burden the court's time to settle the issue. Both sides apparently think they would have won the case. Also, Shirvell is now  threatening the University of Michigan with a lawsuit -- claiming that Shirvell's actions are protected free speech and he does not deserve to be barred from the school's campus.

''We're all adults here, and so, I'm treating him like an adult with adult level criticism.... I mean, he is promoting a Satanic lifestyle. And, you know, he is a fierce advocate for it.... by being somebody that stands to promote special rights for homosexuals at the cost of, you know, heterosexual students.''

Andrew Shirvell the outrageous Assistant Attorney General for Michigan who has been attacking Chris Armstrong, a openly gay college student. Armstrong is the president of the University of Michigan's student union. He has not addressed the details of Shirvell's repeated anti-gay and personal attacks (via blog posts and in-person protests), but he is seeking a restraining order. (WXYZ)

After an explosive interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Shirvell took a personal leave from his job. Shirvell has reportedly been banned from the University's campus, and his boss, the Attorney General, has called Shirvell immature.

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