Catholic students censorsed for criticizing Church official's anti-gay marriage mailings

Posted by JD Uy
November 17, 2010 6:09 AM |

''The people who said it was inappropriate for us to publish these stories are the same people who are perpetuating an atmosphere of homophobia on campus, so caving to the calls for censorship is basically showing solidarity with the view that homophobia is okay.''

Bernardo Vigil, an editor at Knight Errant, a student newspaper at the St. Louis Park Catholic school Benilde-St. Margaret. Vigil tells the CityPages that two student articles were ordered to be removed from the papers and the companion website because they criticized several high-ranking Catholic leaders in the Minnesota area who mailed out 430,000 anti-gay marriage DVDs that sought to "educate" Catholics about the issue. The students were able to run one piece about the issue, but their editorials were removed. (CityPages)

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