Colorado Springs student allowed to wear 'Marriage is so gay' shirt

Posted by JD Uy
November 17, 2010 4:11 PM |

''The ACLU contacted me actually because they saw my story and I had wanted to but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. My rights were undermined and The ACLU is all about changing that.... For the first week or so I got only positive feedback and full support from students (I got ignored by all administration who usually love me) starting last week i got some negative feedback such as 'you took this all too far' and 'Gay people don't like when people do this' and today in the hall someone walked past and yelled at me “I hate gay people” which was all expected but a little upsetting none-the-less.''

Kate Cohn a senior at Falcon High School near Colorado Springs, CO. According to the ACLU she was told by the schools principal, Mark Carara, that she had to change her shirt because ''it was offensive and violated school policy.'' The ACLU sent a letter demanding they allow her to wear the shirt and the next day Kate says she was told she could wear the shirt. In this exchange with Pride in Utah, she tells what it's been like at school and that she thanks everyone for their support. (Pride in Utah)

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