MTV's US version of 'Skins' to air Jan 17 with lesbian character, Tea [video]

Posted by JD Uy
December 27, 2010 11:08 AM |

''It was definitely hard at first. I had auditioned for Michelle, so I was kind of in that mindset rather than Tea's. And so, I jumped into it right away.

''And, had I been auditioning for Tea all along, maybe it would have been easier from the get-go. As filming went on, it definitely got easier and easier, and the attraction became more real to me as I got more into Tea's mindset, and all of that.

''So, I would say that it was kind of strange at first, and then after a while, it just became like everything else in the show for me.''

Actress Sofia Black D'Elia answering a question about playing a character who is attracted to members of the same sex. She is set to play the character of Tea in the re-tooled American MTV version of "Skins." That bawdy TV show from the UK is much beloved and features a universe where teen sex, drugs and all-around bad behavior are considered a celebration of life. Sofia Black D'Elia previously appeared on "All My Children." Her lesbian character reportedly replaces the orginal show's gay male character, Maxxie. (MTV)

The show was originally supposed to be set and partially recorded in Baltimore, but a September report by the Sun said that is not the case. Writer David Zurawik said the 25-minute preview he saw is outstanding. (Baltimore Sun)

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