Urine-doused library books at Harvard leave gay students pissed off

Posted by JD Uy
December 15, 2010 8:03 AM |

''It’s quite unfortunate that so much attention has been given to this incident that was likely an accident, when there were two confirmed anti-LGBT hate crimes on campus earlier this semester. Even if this incident was an accident, the fact is that homophobia is an issue that many LGBT students struggle with, even here at Harvard.''

Sam Bakkila, co-chair of Harvard's Queer Students and Allies, responding to the latest report that 36 books about LGBT subjects were destroyed accidentally. Someone had allegedly left a bottle of urine on a shelf and a library staffer accidentally spilled the liquid on the books. Students who were angry at the news had called for an investigation into the matter to determine if it had been an intentional hate crime. (Harvard Crimson)

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